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12th March 2020, Barueri, Brazil

FCI develops Ycon anticorrosive range

© FCI, Brazil.© FCI, Brazil.

Studies show that corrosion consumes up to 5% of the GDP of most countries. In Brazil, the difficult, and often inglorious task of fighting it has gained a new ally. Or rather, twelve new allies – the number of products developed by FCI, a company specialized in solutions for surface treatment.

“These are items aimed at protecting any type of substrate, from composites and thermoplastic to concrete, carbon steel and stainless steel”, explained Renato Ferrara, commercial manager at FCI.

FCI's new product family is divided between the Ycon Softer Base and Ycon Chem Shelter series. The first is represented by mortars that approximate the expansion coefficient of the materials, as well as primers that prepare the substrates for the adhesion of the polymer that will be applied later.

“The products of Ycon Softer Base series are used in the manufacture of tanks, containment basins, channels and gas scrubbers, among so many other structures and equipment present in the most different types of industries,” detailed Ferrara, remembering that FCI only uses vinyl ester resin Derakane, a global reference in combating corrosion.

In turn, Ycon Chem Shelter is composed of anti-corrosion formulations used as chemical barriers in challenging applications, common in petrochemical and chlorine-soda plants.

FCI, explains the commercial manager, produces the formulations and indicates UPR, a company located at Rio Claro, to do the application. “In addition to being a traditional manufacturer of industrial tanks and pipes, UPR has a long history of anti-corrosion coating services throughout Brazil.”

Located in Barueri, Brazil, FCI is a company specialized in the manufacture of semi-permanent release agents and anticorrosive products, as well as in the supply of structural adhesives. They are chemical specialties consumed by industries that process different types of materials, with emphasis on rubber, metal, tires, composites and thermoplastic.

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