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10th January 2012, Narborough

Formax joins MOD technology alliance

Formax Multiaxial ReinforcementsLeicestershire, UK based carbon fibre and speciality composite reinforcements manufacturer Formax, has been granted membership to the Materials and Structures Technology Science and Technology Centre (MAST STC).  Formax is the first multiaxial fabric manufacturer to be awarded membership to the alliance making it a significant success for the company.

The MAST STC alliance is tasked with the pursuit of excellence in structures science and technology for defence applications by the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD). Members of MAST STC will be investigating novel materials and processes and ultimately the research findings applied within operational service.

Formax is assisting the MOD's Armour and Protection group in the development of multiaxial fabrics with a specific focus on ballistics and blast impact protection. The initial concept materials will undergo stringent testing procedures later this year.  

"Being part of such a vital and technical collaboration is a huge honour. We are committed to delivering innovative and tailored solutions to all our customers and having the opportunity to apply these within a new generation of UK defence materials is hugely satisfying", comments Oliver Wessely, Managing Director.


Formax has invested heavily in state of the art machinery, utilising predominantly Karl Mayer multiaxial machines, but also a number of bespoke manufactured machines for specific applications. Technologies available at Formax are:

  • 50" and 100'' multiaxial machines, offering biaxial (+/-45 & 0/90), triaxial (0/-45/+45 & -45/90/+45) and quadaxial (0/-45/90/+45) fabrics with an ability to offer on-line CSM.
  • 50" and 100" biaxial machines offer 0/90 biaxials, with multiple layers of CSM, CFM, or other core materials.
  • 50" and 60" carbon multiaxials, offering in-line tow-spreading to enable the manufacture of lightweight carbon materials.
  • Woven and non-woven unidirectional machines - manufacturing UD's and UD tapes in carbon and glass.
  • Cutting facilities enable FORMAX to offer kits cut to width and length. Tapes can be cut either on-line or off-line, to most widths and any length.
  • Powder binding, heat-setting and laminating enables FORMAX to offer fabrics with a variety of finishes, including bonded veils, and material ready for preforming.
  • Fabric inspection and re-rolling.    

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