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8th January 2018, Maastricht

Fire safety for Maastricht’s traffic

Composite piping specialist Versteden has successfully completed the installation of a 4.2 km firewater system for the new A2 motorway multi-level road tunnel in Maastricht – the most important north-south road connection in the Netherlands, carrying a very heavy traffic load.

The glass fibre composite piping systems for the project were constructed with Aliancys Atlac resins supplied by distributor Euroresins.

© Aliancys

The A2 originally passed the town above ground, cutting the city in half. However, due to the limited space available and the need to have local traffic cross the motorway, speed limits were only 50 km per hour causing major traffic delays in rush hours. Consequently, noise and exhaust gases were of great annoyance to the residents living nearby, and were having a negative effect on the environment.

In 2008 plans were announced for a completely new two-layer tunnel – a first for the Netherlands – with the top level designated for local traffic, and the lower level for transit traffic.

© Aliancys

The tunnel construction was completed in 2015, traffic has been going through since December 2016.

A reliable firewater system had to be installed as a safety precaution and regulations require it to be operational at all times. It was clear from the beginning of the project that conventional steel pipes would not be acceptable, because of the risk of corrosion. Stainless steel was the original alternative, but rejected due to the cost, as well as a high risk of corrosion pitting of the welds and raw material availability.

For this reason, composites based on the Aliancys Atlac resin system were specified.

© Aliancys

The heart of the new firewater system is formed by a 125 mm diameter composite pipe network installed inside the tunnel emergency tubes. In total, Versteden supplied 4.2 km of piping.

“Aliancys and Euroresins have helped us to fine-tune resin formulation and provide support in promoting our GRE piping systems,” says Peter Bogers, managing director of Versteden. “With the support of both companies we can much better promote the benefits of composite solutions, and convince key stakeholders about the attractive economics and long term reliability of firewater systems in these materials.”

As a positive spin-off, Versteden has been involved in several new projects since the completion of the project in Maastricht.

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