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18th December 2018, Bally, PA

Film infusion capabilities for 3D woven joints

Bally Ribbon Mills (BRM), an industry leader in the design, development, and manufacture of highly specialised engineered woven fabrics, has announced its film infusion capabilities for 3D woven joints.

In the film infusion process, a frozen sheet or film of resin is infused onto the custom 3D woven joint, saving customers the trouble of infusing the resin themselves upon delivery of the BRM-made joint.

3D woven structure. © BRM

BRM says it has perfected the science and art of 3D continuous weaving. BRM’s Advanced Products Group has developed technologies to fabricate 3D woven structures such as “Pi – π,” double “T,” “H,” and other complex net shapes.

These complex woven structures are used primarily in aerospace applications, often in airframe structural components and subassemblies, including stiffeners and joints. They are custom made to fit the application.

3D woven structure. © BRM

BRM uses the film infusion process to infuse a variety of resins to these complex 3D woven shapes. “This ability allows BRM to ship its 3D woven joints as pre-made assemblies, saving customers processing steps that require time, work, and specialised machinery. BRM’s film infusion capability also allows them to control more steps of the 3D woven joint assembly manufacturing process, ensuring consistent quality control,” the company explains.

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