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20th December 2018, Havant

TCS forms partnership with Brabham Automotive

Advanced composites solutions provider Total Composite Solutions (TCS) and Brabham Automotive have announced a strategic partnership in advanced material and process development for current and future vehicle builds.

Building on a 70-year racing pedigree, Sir Jack Brabham’s son David Brabham announced Brabham’s return to manufacturing in May of this year with the global launch of Brabham Automotive’s first product, the BT62.

The BT62’s exterior surface and aggressive aerodynamic package combine to strike the optimal balance between function and form. © TCS

“TCS is proud to be associated with the Brabham name which truly represents the best in world class motor racing history – a name every car enthusiast holds dear,” commented Andy Pointon, Managing Director of TCS.

“Working alongside Brabham today we see great strategic alignment between our companies both in terms of direction, values, drive, and a desire to bring the absolute best in performance to the market. The current and future vehicle builds will be ground breaking for sure, and TCS will work closely with Brabham to increasingly elevate the client choice and experience. An exciting 2019 ahead.”

Crafted from lightweight carbon fibre and weighing only 972kg, the BT62’s exterior surface and aggressive aerodynamic package combine to strike the optimal balance between function and form. TCS will utilise its current market leading material technology and processing, including prepregs, advanced resins and adhesive systems, whilst further developing bespoke lighter, stiffer structural and cosmetic material solutions.

TCS bespoke carbon designs. © TCS

“This announcement symbolises the Brabham ethos of collaboration. Our partnership with TCS will allow us to engineer to the highest standards of vehicle engineering. This strategic relationship will deliver true innovation on the vehicle aesthetic through bespoke carbon designs for our customers,” commented Director of Brabham Automotive, Christian Reynolds.

“We are able to present the perfect balance of vehicle functionality and form on the Brabham BT62. Our goal has always been to harmonise technical and aesthetic design, allowing us to present and showcase uncompromised quality and our partnership with TCS will provide the perfect platform for us to continue to deliver on this goal.”

Further announcements will be made in early 2019 regarding the specific design directions coming out of the partnership.

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