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24th February 2020, Alpharetta, GA

High-rate compression moulding prepreg for aerospace

Rib Type Geometry. Luchini, T., Rodriguez, A., Rogers S., Bras A., Whysall, A., Russell, R., Lucas, S., Hahn, G. "SPRING FRAME PRESS FABRICATION OF AEROSPACE PRODUCTION  COMPONENTS," SAMPE 2019). © Solvay.© Solvay.

Solvay has introduced CYCOM EP2750, a “market first technology which enables the high rate, cost effective manufacture of aerospace structural parts”. The technology combines advanced continuous fibre prepreg materials with an in-depth understanding of the key material and process characteristics required to achieve aerospace quality and performance using compression moulding processing technology.

This new prepreg, applicable to both primary and secondary structures, is compatible with multiple reinforcements. The toughened CYCOM EP2750 prepreg offers high notched compression properties and enables the manufacture of complex geometries with a 30-minute takt time.

The new material has proven capable of producing high quality small to medium size parts such as access panels, rib-shapes and C-frames. Automated processing of CYCOM EP2750 further contributes to the technology's suitability for high rate commercial aircraft programs as well as military and air mobility platforms.

Representative parts will be on display on Solvay’s stand M41 at JEC World in Paris, from 3-5 March 2020. The technology is one of three finalists in the Aerospace category of JEC World Innovation Awards.

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