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7th February 2018, Dublin

Expansion at Burgmann

Burgmann Packings Composites has recently expanded braiding capacity at its plant in Dublin, Ireland. The company has added a highly versatile 64-carrier radial braiding machine from Herzog GmbH to its robotic braiding cell to increase both its size range and production capacity. 

The entire cell is fully integrated with a Kuka Quantec robot arm providing the company with the ability to provide multi-layer over-braids using multiple machines in one set-up.

Burgmann has expanded braiding capacity at its plant in Dublin, Ireland. © Burgmann Packings Composites

This increase in capabilities means an even larger range of tailored solutions are now available to Burgmann’s project partners and alternating between machines, materials and optimum braid patterns allows the company to maximise the value of automated production.

With over 100 years' experience in providing high quality braided solutions, the Burgmann Packings Group currently consists of manufacturing plants in Ireland, Turkey and China, along with headquarters and sales office for sealing technologies in Germany.

“The development of braided fibre preforms for composite materials has been an integral part of our Group Technology Strategy since 2008. In conjunction with researchers in Germany and Ireland we have developed our production methods for the repeatable volume production of braided fibre preforms for use in composite materials,” the company reports.

“In 2011 our dedicated Composite Materials Team was established in our Irish production plant.  Customer and quality focused, our team of braiders and engineers are continually working to bring the performance advantages of braids to the composites market.”

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