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Events Calendar

  • 10-11 October 2019, Sheffield

    2nd CIRP Conference

    The conference is an opportunity for experts from academia and industry in the field of composites manufacturing to present and discuss their findings.

  • 15-16 October 2019, Oxford

    Confidence in composites

    This event will showcase the latest non-destructive evaluation and testing (NDE/T) technologies, and more.

  • 22-23 October 2019, Oxford

    Composites in Motorsport

    The motorsport industry has continuously been a primary adopter of innovative technology, motivated by the desire to decrease weight.

  • 30-31 October 2019, Birmingham

    Advanced Engineering 2019

    The rise of composites continues across an ever-increasing number of applications.

  • 13-14 November 2019, Stuttgart

    INC 2019

    INC 2019 will focus on the current and emerging applications of polymer nanocomposites.

  • 13-15 November 2019, Seoul

    JEC Asia 2019

    The next edition of JEC Asia will take place from 13-15 November 2019 in Seoul, Korea.

  • 14-15 November 2019, Cologne

    8th Biocomposites Conference Cologne

    The 8th Biocomposites Conference Cologne, from 14-15 November 2019 in Cologne, offers a comprehensive overview of current developments.

  • 19-22 November 2019, Belfast


    The inaugural 1st European Conference on Crashworthiness of Composite Structures is being held from 19-22 November 2019.

  • 19-21 November 2019, Knoxville, TN

    Carbon Fiber 2019

    The CompositesWorld’s Carbon Fiber 2019 conference will provide a comprehensive forum to discuss new developments.

  • 20-22 November 2019 , Mumbai

    World of Composites 2019

    World of Composites 2019 is all set to launch its specially curated segments for fibres reinforced polymers to make composites mainstream in India.

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