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16th February 2018, Aachen

Effective analysis from Apodius

Among measurement tools to be demonstrated by Apodius at the forthcoming JEC World show in Paris will be the company’s system for the analysis of powdered binders on semi-finished carbon fibre parts.

The system is qualified for both fully automatic inline and stationary offline quality assurance and the ergonomic design of the Apodius scanner offers flexible use for an ultra-high-speed analysis process – drastically accelerating and simplifying the automatic verification of high-precision carbon fibre components.

Apodius Binder System.  © Apodius

Components include the Apodius Explorer Binder software solution and an autofocus camera, along with system calibration to ensure accurate measurement results.

A variety of data output and export formats are available for carrying out further analysis, as well as interfaces for connection to production machines in a closed feedback loop.

High quality components ensure the system’s robustness, the automation specialist based in Aachen, Germany, emphasises.

The measurement software has been specially developed for binder analysis, including measurement of the degree of sintering and homogeneity.

The system is qualified for both fully automatic inline and stationary offline quality assurance. © Apodius

The DROP Index (distribution of regional orientation population) qualifies the homogeneity of binder application and calculates the percentage of textile surface covered with binder powder from which layer-specific grammage results can be drawn, in order to achieve the even distribution which is essential in further processing.

In addition, the system qualifies the sintering degree of the applied powder and calculates the average length-to-width ratio of the melted powder, in order to assess the stability of the heat treatment. Tolerances can be set based on reference samples.

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