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8th February 2018, Leuven

EconCore targets new applications

EconCore, based in Leuven, Belgium, will present its ThermHex continuous process for producing high performance lightweight thermoplastic honeycomb cores for composites at JEC World 2018 in Paris next month. The process aims to meet the growing need for replacing complex, heavy and expensive parts in highly demanding applications across industries.

The company will present results of new development and tests on honeycombs made in modified polycarbonates, polyamide 66 and polyphenylene sulfide. The work is being carried out in its newly refurbished R&D facilities in Leuven, Belgium.

A lightweight composite aircraft interior module, co-developed by Diehl Aircabin and EconCore, which uses thermoplastic honeycomb cores for strength, low weight, and high fire resistance, will be on display in the Innovation Planets area at JEC World. © EconCore

EconCore is now entering the final phase of validating these engineering thermoplastics. This year, it is targeting new application developments in markets of automotive, aerospace, transportation, packaging, and building and construction. “During 2018, EconCore will be moving forward with lots of enthusiasm and energy,” commented Tomasz Czarnecki, COO of EconCore. “We intend to build on what was a very successful 2017.”

“Last year, EconCore signed license agreements with several market leaders and concluded some very exciting product developments with key partners,” said Mr Czarnecki. These include Armageddon Energy’s lightweight photovoltaic panel with a PA honeycomb core, which picked up a JEC Innovation Award in June, as well as an aircraft interior module with excellent FST (fire, smoke, toxicity) properties, which EconCore developed with Diehl Aircabin.

“We are also extremely happy to see the very successful developments of our licensees in advanced packaging, automotive, and building, construction and infrastructure,” said Bianka Nagy, Marketing Communications Manager of EconCore. “Our technology can be applied in so many diverse areas, and this is something that we will be highlighting on our stand at JEC World this year. We also have an aircraft stowage unit with a honeycomb core on display in the Innovation Planets area.”

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