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29th May 2019, Coventry

Eco Impact Calculator for Composites at Ecocomp 2019

EuCIA developed the Eco Calculator as an aid to composite companies. © EuCIA

EuCIA developed the Eco Calculator as an aid to composite companies. © EuCIA

EuCIA, a Brussels-based leading Association of the European Composites Industry, will be contributing to the Ecocomp 2019 programme with a demonstration of its Eco Impact Calculator for Composites.

During the presentation, Roberto Frassine, EuCIA’s President, will discuss the tool’s objectives and main features and explain how to generate an Eco Report, which can be used to support the business case for the selection of a composite product.

Environmental awareness has stimulated interest in sustainable materials and issues such as recyclability and environmental responsibility are becoming ever more important. Composite materials and products need to play their part in addressing these concerns as environmental legislation and consumer demand is increasing the pressure on manufacturers and designers to consider the impact of their products at all stages of their life cycle.

Recognising sustainability as a driver for the future use of composite materials, EuCIA developed the Eco Calculator as an aid to composite companies increasingly facing customer requests for detailed information on the environmental impact of their composite product or component. The easy to use tool can be employed to calculate the environmental impact of products from cradle to gate, from the raw materials up to the point of sale. Users do not need any in-depth knowledge of life cycle assessment (LCA) techniques and an Eco Report detailing three fundamental environmental indicators can be generated quickly in pdf format. The data generated can also be used as input for further life cycle calculations.

“The 2019 edition of Ecocomp has been subject to reconfiguration to allow an audience of OEMs, end-users, composite material manufacturers and suppliers, designers, academics and researchers to get together and gain insight into the full life cycle of composite products from raw materials through to the end of life and recycling, with these stages represented by some fantastic Industry experts,” commented Rochelle Helliwell, Event Manager.

NetComposites will be hosting Ecocomp 2019, which will take place from 19-20 June 2019 in Coventry, UK, and will offer participants a number of insightful presentations, exhibition and networking opportunities.

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