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3rd May 2018, West Jordan, UT

Dr Hamsasew Sertse joins AnalySwift R&D division

AnalySwift, a provider of efficient high-fidelity modelling software for composites and other advanced materials, has announced that Dr Hamsasew Sertse has joined the company in its research and engineering division. Dr Sertse will be involved in R&D on AnalySwift’s simulation software, including SwiftComp, a general-purpose multiscale modelling code.

“We are very pleased to bring Dr Sertse on board with AnalySwift,” said Allan Wood, President and CEO of AnalySwift. “He arrives with strong expertise in micromechanics, multiscale structural mechanics, and damage and failure analysis of composites, which are crucial areas for AnalySwift. Dr Sertse’s addition to AnalySwift strengthens the company and benefits the customers. In particular, his expertise will guide improvements to the code as well as help customers performing complex composite simulations.”

SwiftComp, a general-purpose multiscale modelling code. © AnalySwift

Dr Sertse received his PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering from Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. Dr Sertse previously received his MSc in Mechanical Engineering from both Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY, and Addis Ababa University in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

As a research assistant at Purdue University, Dr Sertse previously analysed micromechanics based initial/static failure prediction of composites, including particle-reinforced, woven and short fibre composites using various failure criteria including Tsia-Wu, Tsai-Hill, and maximum stress/strain. He extensively used finite element analysis (FEA) and AnalySwift’s multiscale structural analysis code SwiftComp to solve problems related to failure and damage. Dr Sertse also analysed micromechanics based on progressive and fatigue damage analysis of composites using continuum damage mechanics approach.

Additionally, Dr Sertse looked into the effect of an imperfect interface on the predictions of elastic properties of composites. He also analysed predictive capabilities and efficiency of various state of the art micromechanics approaches as part of the Micromechanics Simulation Challenge, hosted by Purdue University.

Previously, Dr Sertse served as a solution consultant intern at Dassault Systemes and a mechanical engineer in LobePro Rotary Pump Company.

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