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Airtech Europe
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1st June 2018, Leamington

Developing advanced composite structures with Altair’s technology

Altair Engineering, a leading technology and services provider, has announced its fourth Composites Design Seminar attracting engineers and simulation experts across many industries to see leading OEM’s and Tier 1’s that will showcase examples of composite structures, designed and optimised using Altair’s leading innovative technology. The event will be held at the Woodland Grange Hotel, Leamington Spa on 26 June 2018.

The Altair seminar titled Maximising the Potential of Composite Materials will feature keynotes from Composites UK and Gordon Murray Design discovering latest issues combined with perceived and actual impartiality.

Engineers and designers have combined Altair’s comprehensive technology with their expertise to produce innovative designs. © Altair Engineering

Technical presenters from leading companies including McLaren Applied Technology, National Composites Centre, Simpact and more will demonstrate how Altair has helped them create innovative products while improving their development processes for composites by reducing overall project time from initial analysis to final design.

McLaren Applied Technologies will talk about its project Invincible – a fully wearable composite shield illustrating how collaborating with Altair greatly impacted their work by significantly reducing the cost of the composite structure. Simpact will unveil its lightweight automotive suspension concept LIFT, an innovative flexible composite suspension system that deployed Altair’s technology achieving 38.5% weight reduction on the baseline Ariel Atom with no loss in functionality. National Composites Centre will showcase the new and innovative Sit Ski and the use of Altair’s advanced composite solutions to produce it.

With more to be added to the agenda, this seminar will bring together thought leaders within the UK composite industry to showcase how the latest innovations in composites have been used within the UK. Last held in 2014, more than 100 delegates attended the seminar. “It was a very interesting conference. There seems to be a lot of development in the right direction,” said Declan Nolan from B/E Aerospace. “I enjoyed the customer presentations as a window into how our peers approach similar problems to our own,” added Owen Carless from Red Bull Racing

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