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21st February 2019, Cincinnati, OH

Customised sizing development for composite materials

Both Textechno and Michelman will be exhibiting at JEC World 2019. © Michelman/ Textechno

Both Textechno and Michelman will be exhibiting at JEC World 2019. © Michelman/ Textechno

Michelman, a developer and manufacturer of environmentally friendly advanced materials, including sizing for glass and carbon fibre, has invested in Textechno’s Fimatest adhesion measurement system to ensure its sizing solutions continue to contribute to enhanced performance of composite parts.

“As we continue our vision to be the interface expert, it is critical to have analytical equipment that can efficiently fine-tune our sizing to optimise adhesion properties. Optimised adhesion is one of the key performance attributes we provide our customers, and the fact that the Textechno Fimatest system works according to the fibre pull-out principle makes it extremely valuable,” explained Steve Bassetti, Michelman’s Global Marketing Director for Industrial Manufacturing.

“We have utilised this equipment in our development lab for almost two years, and it is suited for any fibre-matrix combination we have developed. It has been helpful that Textechno developed these instruments because they are, and will continue to be, a great benefit to the entire сomposites industry. We look forward to supporting Textechno in establishing more standardisation for the Industry regarding fibre-matrix-adhesion and processing properties.”

Dr Ulrich Mörschel, CEO of Textechno added: “We are proud that Michelman, the industry’s leading interface expert, invested in our testing system.” Bassetti further elaborated on the system’s benefits: “For Michelman’s customers, this equipment has allowed for great collaboration, increased screening of sizing concepts, and a more robust and efficient product development process.”

“I am happy to support the matchmaking between these two organisations because the market for high-end structural composite applications in the aerospace, automotive and wind energy sectors is growing at a rate of 6 to 8% year over year, representing over US$ 125 billion globally,” said Dr Michael Effing, Senior Advisor to Textechno and one of its relationship managers.

“Ninety percent of the market value is glass fibre-based, and 10% is carbon fibre-based. Therefore, reliable testing systems measuring the quality of fibres, fabrics, and the quality of the fibre-matrix adhesion are of tremendous importance to the industry.”

Both Textechno and Michelman will be exhibiting at JEC World 2019, from 12-14 March, in Paris.

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