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29th December 2017, Las Vegas

CRP takes innovative technology to CES 2018

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show will see global leader in applied additive and subtractive technologies CRP Group, demonstrate how to accelerate automotive and motorsports production, reduce costs and increase car performance with 3D printing and its Windform composite materials

CRP Group along with USA based partner CRP USA and Energica - the sustainable subsidiary of CRP Group and single manufacturer chosen by Dorna for the FIM Moto-e World Cup - return to CES for the third year in a row.

CRP Group and CRP USA will be showcasing amazing 3D printed applications they manufacture, which this year includes the U.S. Premiere of Tundra-M, the functional prototype of Hexadrone's first fully modular and easy-to-use drone for industrial and multi-purpose tasks, made for extreme weather conditions due to rugged, waterproof design.   The drone’s body and arms are manufactured in Windform® XT 2.0 and Windform® SP.  Windform® XT 2.0 and Windform® SP are carbon fiber reinforced composite 3D printing materials from Windform family of high performance materials. Windform was created by CRP Technology, CRP Group’s specialized company in advanced 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions. (c) CRP Group.

Technological know-how

From 9-12 January at booth #8910, Tech East, LVCC, North Hall, Las Vegas, CES attendees will be able to admire some examples from CRP’s technological know-how developed for the aerospace and F1, which helped Energica to be chosen by Dorna.

“CRP has always distinguished itself through new technologies and innovative processes,” the company said in a statement today. “Now CRP Group is undisputedly a world leader in CNC Machining, SLS with Windform family of high performance composite materials and DMLS.”

“The CRP-derived corporate experience and business culture helped Energica develop and grow in a few years to become the first Italian manufacturer of high-performing electric motorcycles.”

The Energica concept came from the eCRP 1.4, the runner-up  World Champion and European Champion electric racing motorcycle. The team made two years of racing then they started working on the road version, Energica. In 2010 CRP Group decided to invest in the new field of sustainable vehicles by creating Energica.

CRP Group acted as a technology and financial incubator, and it is still today the lead investor of Energica Motor Company S.p.A., since it has become an independent entity.

Energica EGO sportbike

At CES it will be showcasing 3D printed dashboards and seats in Windform composite materials, manufactured for the R&D and pre-series activities of Energica EGO sportbike. This model will be used by teams that will race the FIM Moto-e World Cup in a tuned version.

3D printed electric motor bike. (c) CRP Group.

The CRP Group’s know how will play a fundamental role in the development of the new bike for the FIM Moto-e World Cup: CRP Technology’s Selective Laser Sintering with Windform composite materials, CRP Meccanica’s High Precision CNC machining and Direct Metal Laser Sintering techniques, already integrated into the Energica project, will be available to the Energica team to shorten the timing of the R&D activities in the development of the Ego tuned version.

“We are proud to have been chosen by Dorna.” Said Livia Cevolini, CEO Energica Motor Company S.p.A. “The passion for engines is what brought us here, to build new dream vehicles right at the beating heart of speed, Modena, the Italian Motor Valley. Our history comes from racing, our passion for this sector has never faded. FIM Moto-e World Cup is an excellent project. After all, it is what we hoped since our racing years, now it can be managed professionally thanks to Dorna and its unique and long-lasting experience.”

CRP will also unveil (U.S. Premiere) Tundra’s functional 3D printed prototype, and TuPOD first fully 3D printed smallsat launched by ISS.

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