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20th June 2016, Hemel Hempstead

Composites UK to host composites recycling event

Composites UK, the official trade association for the UK composites industry, has announced the programme for its next event called A Circular Economy for the Composites Industry, which will showcase a practical approach to composites recycling.

The event takes place on 7 July at the premises of ELG Carbon Fibre in the West Midlands. The confirmed speakers include ELG Carbon Fibre, Toyota Europe, PPG Industries, Green Alliance, Universities of Manchester, Cranfield and Nottingham, and SMEs Revaluetech, Renewable Advice, Agecko, Plaswire and Techlan.


Presented will be recent developments in end-of-life solutions for carbon and glass fibre composites and other wastes generated in the manufacturing supply chain for composites.

ELG Carbon Fibre recycling process. © Composites UK/ELG Carbon Fibre

The noted organisations will give talks on university research right through to practical end-of-life solutions and a call for the industry to play its part to design for end-of-life, optimise its waste management practice and take up opportunities to use recycled material in high value products.

Coinciding with the event is the launch of a new report on composites recycling, giving an update on which recycling processes are commercially active now, the recovery processes for carbon and glass fibre composites, their re-use and application, the impact of composite recycling and legislation.

Discussing challenges and solutions

“The event is intended to be very practical about actually improving the circular economy for our industry. Events in the past have mainly been around development of recycling processes for thermoset composites at R&D level, but there are significant other wastes from our industry,” said Stella Job, Supply Chain and Environment Manager at Composites UK.

“This aims to address that, and what solutions are available, as well as giving a forum for some of the more practical aspects of recent research. It is important to Composites UK to be able to bring this information off-the-page and show where the industry is in terms of end-of-life solutions and how we can work together to overcome challenges."

ELG Carbon Fibre will host the day’s proceedings as a company specialising in recycling carbon fibre and creating new products from its recyclate. Delegates will have an opportunity to take a tour of the site to see carbon fibre recycling practices at work.

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