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8th June 2017, UAE

Composites for architecture for the USA

US sheet metal contractor Bassett Construction has entered into an exclusive international partnership agreement with Premier Composite Technologies (PCT).

Bassett, headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, specialises in the exterior design and construction of commercial buildings and PCT, located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is a leading global manufacturer of advanced composite components for the architectural design industry.

The Medinah Station roof is built in a unique design of Premier Composite Technologies composite umbrellas with green tiling giving it a remarkable and eye-catching appearance. The concourse roof design consists of a highly repetitive pattern that is made up of 41 panels that fit together to make one large square module 27 x 27 meters. Each panel is required to be structurally lightweight, fire resistant, immune to extreme temperatures and weather conditions, and easy to install. © Premier Composite Technologies

Bassett will now exclusively market and supply PCT’s architectural solutions, including carbon and glass composite and ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) panel solutions to North America.

“Introducing PCT composites to the North American architectural community is an exciting opportunity for us,” says Rodney Bassett, president of Bassett Construction. “Until now, architects have been somewhat limited to using the same small collection of materials in their design – most commonly masonry, timber, metals and concrete. Today, PCT is revolutionizing our industry by augmenting these traditional materials with advanced composite solutions or fibre reinforced polymers.”

The advantages of architectural composites, he adds, include:

  • New aesthetic possibilities – an ability to mould complex, fluid and creative forms and produce more efficient geometric shapes.
  • Significant weight savings – an advanced composite cladding structure can typically weigh as little as 10% of its concrete equivalent.
  • Composite structures can cover much larger spans between support points, reducing the need for substructures dramatically.
  • Rapid installation, enabling time and cost savings on site.
  • Superior durability with reduced lifetime costs and less degradation.
  • Improved thermal insulation and the reduction of cold bridging.
  • Longevity – composite structures are highly resistant to corrosion.

Bassett has a team of construction technology and installation professionals with in-depth, hands-on knowledge of PCT architectural composite material solutions. This will enable it to provide intelligent and insightful advice as it assists North American clients in designing, engineering and installing PCT technologies into projects. Bassett’s expertise will allow architects and owners alike to reap the full benefits and value of PCT’s solutions.

“For years now, we’ve entrusted Bassett Construction to assemble and install our solutions for our world-renown architectural clients,” said Gabi Böhm, principal architect for PCT. “We’re thrilled to broaden our relationship with Bassett with this agreement and are looking forward to having them introduce our solutions and exclusively serve the North American market for PCT.”

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