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16th April 2018, Chicago, IL

Composite solutions for transportation to be discussed in Chicago

JEC Group continues its focus on sectorial application-focused events and is organising The Future of Composites in Transportation, a two-day symposium and exhibition event dedicated to one of the biggest composite market segments: ground transportation, from 27-28 June 2019.

The Future of Composites in Transportation is a unique event combining business and networking opportunities with a forum. With innovation at the heart of the event, it introduces new and featured products for the ground transportation field: from driverless cars to buses and coaches, trucks and trains.

Conference topics

The four sessions of conferences will involve 11 speakers from America, Europe and the Middle East. The first session will focus on composites as a first-rate solution for transportation discussing lightweight performance, resistance to extreme temperatures, noise insulation, vibration reduction, cost-effective materials and manufacturing solutions as well as increasing mechanical properties thanks to composites.

A two-day symposium and exhibition event will take place from 27-28 June 2019. © JEC Group

The improvement of performance and efficiency thanks to composite materials is such a vast topic that it will be covered in two conferences underlining that environmentally friendly transportation will imply alternative solutions for a greener future using recycled carbon fibre. Then weight reduction to lower fuel consumption and increase load capacity will be discussed along with dimensional stability of thermoset composite materials, fire retardant laminates and compressed natural gas cylinder.

Finally, the conference on the lowering assembly time and costs in manufacturing will conclude the conference sessions with topics such as parts integration: from multiple components to a single composite part, high performance thermoplastics, large scale production and reduced maintenance for easier handling and installation.

Networking and innovation

The show area will feature exhibitors from Europe, Americas and Asia presenting their composite solutions for the ground transportation industry. Above all, a B2B meetings service will pre-arrange one to one session with top buyers selected for the industry.

The event will also highlight an Innovation hub and a JEC Innovation Awards Ceremony, as well as an Education & Skills village and a Technical Posters area.

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