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27th June 2018, Ammanford

Commercial progress for graphene

Over the last 12 months, Haydale has completed a series of pre-production trials. © Haydale  Graphene specialist Haydale has announced that strong commercial progress has been made with an unspecified global composite materials group to enhance mechanical properties for selected products in its range of materials, through a commercially funded contract.

Over the last 12 months, Haydale has completed a series of pre-production trials for this customer (which for commercial reasons cannot be named) to enhance these selected products' mechanical performance through the incorporation of graphene in a range of world-wide industrial applications. Haydale reports that to date, it has been paid approximately $150,000 by the customer for these trials.

Trial quantity masterbatches were produced using graphene that was sourced from an overseas supplier based on Haydale’s in-house dispersion and mixing expertise. Crucially, the trial quantities were specifically designed to be incorporated seamlessly into the customer’s production process.

This contract, fully funded by the customer, is a perfect example of the work Haydale is doing across a range of composite product applications,” said CEO Ray Gibbs. “We have experienced relatively long lead times with some of our past projects, but this one has been fast-tracked in response to the customer’s desire to launch as soon as possible.”

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