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23rd November 2017, Sheffield

Tufcot shortlisted for two Sheffield Business Awards

Tufcot Engineering, a leading manufacturer of composite bearing materials, has been shortlisted for two awards at this year’s Sheffield Business Awards. The night is hosted at the Ponds Forge in Sheffield by a local news presenter, Harry Gration. The awards night takes place on Thursday 7 December.

Tufcot entered the awards for Excellence in Manufacturing and Excellence in International Trade with the company making the shortlist for both awards for a second year running.

The company offers a wide range of composites, including bushes and bearings; sphericals; washers; wear pads; wear rings; and more. © Tufcot Engineering

“This is huge testament to the whole Tufcot team, as the improvements and advancements made over the last 12 months is clear for all to see in both the company's manufacturing department and its continued excellence in the import markets it deals in,” the company reports.

Excellence in Manufacturing

This award will be presented to the company that demonstrates a modern, efficient and innovative approach to manufacturing. Exhibiting best practice to build a sustainable operation either by the development of new manufacturing techniques, new products or capital investments.

The judges will be looking at evidence of how your business demonstrates high standards and sustainability, an understanding of the key factors that drive product innovation in the business, evidence of how your organisation has generated new or improved products, services and processes that successfully meet the changing needs of the customer and business, and a demonstration of investment in R&D that has generated good ROI.

Excellence in International Trade

This award recognises the strength of Britain’s exporters and importers. Entrants for this award must stand out from the crowd on the international stage and demonstrate that they have generated significant and / or sustained increases in their international activity.

The judges will be looking at the level of exports when compared to the size and sector of the organisation, the barriers that have been overcome, the degree to which products / services are new and markets non-traditional, and innovative approaches to establishing and entering new markets.


The company offers a wide range of composites, including bushes and bearings; sphericals; washers; wear pads; wear rings; custom parts; and sheets, tubes and rods, serving marine, automotive, railway and many other diverse market sectors.

“We have an extensive range of Tufcot composite engineering materials manufactured from synthetic fibres and thermosetting resins available to solve your bearing problems and in addition we can back this up with modern manufacturing techniques and machining capabilities,” the company reports.

All grades of Tufcot are available with solid lubricant incorporated. Tufcot aims to offer the design engineers an attractive alternative to traditional materials used throughout industry for bushes, bearings, wear pads, and many more applications. The Tufcot range of resin systems can incorporate different additives and/or fillers along with different fabric reinforcing’s to achieve the end product the customers require.

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