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11th May 2015, Le Cheylard

Chomarat Engineered Textiles obtains aerospace certification

This certification complies with Chomarat’s development strategy for the Chinese aerospace market. Chomarat Engineered Textiles, a subsidiary of Chomarat Group, the leading specialist in textile reinforcements for composites, has just obtained an EN 9100:2009 certification, the European standard that assesses a plant’s ability to meet the specific requirements of the aerospace industry.

Following on from Chomarat France, the Group’s Chinese subsidiary has joined the official aerospace supplier database for its advanced composite reinforcements.

This certification, a reference for buyers in international markets, complies with Chomarat’s development strategy for the Chinese aerospace market and with the Group’s growth strategy.


“We are proud to have obtained EN 9100:2009 certification and to be included in an aerospace database that is both unique and global,” commented Jérôme Faure, head of Chomarat’s Chinese plant.

“This recognition rewards the investments – in terms of both human and financial resources – we have made in the plant’s quality management since it first opened.” The EN 9100:2009 certification is also a key asset in terms of developing the Group’s carbon range, particularly C-PLY, the company reports.

Carbon multiaxial reinforcement

C-PLY is a carbon multiaxial reinforcement launched by Chomarat in collaboration with Professor Tsai of Stanford University. This concept of NCF laminate with thin plies and narrow angles is a designed to optimize fibre performance while offering a light, efficient and economic solution.

The VX-1 KittyHawk, an aircraft designed by VX Aerospace (USA), is made from C-PLY carbon. The first carbon blended-wing airplane was awarded for innovation and received the JEC Composites Magazine Special Prize.

“After several years of research and hard work in the field of aeronautics, the JEC Innovation Award that VX-1 KittyHawk has just received confirms our ambitions for the aerospace market,” commented Michel Cognet, Chomarat Group General Manager.


Chomarat, the producer of technical textiles for reinforcement, roofing and moulding applications, is focused on manufacturing products for a number of markets.

These include the wind energy market, the oil and gas market, the construction industry and also high end fabrics that have a cosmetic appeal out of carbon fibre that are used in the automotive market as well as the sports and leisure goods.

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