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5th March 2019, Le Cheylard

Chomarat carbon reinforcements at JEC World 2019

Chomarat's C-Weave carbon-fibre fabric. © ChomaratComposite reinforcement specialist Chomarat will exhibit its latest woven and multiaxial carbon fibre reinforcements at JEC World 2019, in Paris, next week.

“Prepregs are used in the most demanding markets, such as aerospace or the automotive industry. Due to their high performance, Chomarat’s carbon fabrics are highly considered by prepreggers. Compared to standard solutions, the multiaxial reinforcements developed by the group offer Chomarat’s converter customers significant productivity gains. With its production sites in France, Asia and the United States, Chomarat is able to supply its customers and guarantee the same high level of quality in all countries,” explained Michel Cognet, Group Managing Director.

In just a few years, prepreggers have come to consider Chomarat's C-Weave carbon-fibre fabrics as a benchmark for surface-finish quality and processability, the company says. The reinforcement contributes to productivity and reliability during the prepregging process. “The consistent high quality of C-Weave has been a key part of SHD Composite Materials continued success and growth,” commented Helen Doughty, Director at SHD Composites.

C-Ply can integrate aesthetic functions by using the assembly seam as a graphic design. © Chomarat“Prepreg users often manufacture Class A surface parts for demanding applications, and they need excellence and reproducibility,” explained Ulrike Salmon, Chomarat’s Prepreg Market Manager.

The company will also present its C-Ply range of multiaxial reinforcements at the show. “Chomarat strives to minimise marking on parts and to optimise surface quality through fibre spreading and the use of suitable stitches. C-Ply can also integrate aesthetic functions by using the assembly seam as a graphic design,” concluded Ulrike Salmon. “These new advantages are important for the automotive, sports-equipment and consumer-electronics markets, which seek to combine premium quality and productivity.”

Chomarat, the producer of technical textiles for reinforcement, roofing and moulding applications, is focused on manufacturing products for a number of markets. These include the wind energy market, the oil and gas market, the construction industry and also high-end fabrics that have a cosmetic appeal out of carbon fibre that are used in the automotive market as well as the sports and leisure goods.

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