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2nd October 2017, Wiesbaden

SGL Group turns attention to thermoplastic materials

The two business units of SGL Group, Composites – Fibers & Materials (CFM) and Graphite Materials & Systems (GMS), will exhibit at a joint booth at this year’s FAKUMA, an international trade fair for plastics processing, held from 17-21 October in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

The CFM business unit will showcase not only its established products, such as short and milled carbon fibres, but also innovative semi-finished products based on carbon and glass fibres with a thermoplastic matrix.

Thermoplastic materials

This range of thermoplastic materials from SGL Group contains semi-finished products with a uniform matrix for maximum flexibility in terms of design and material processing. The foundation for these thermoplastic composites are 50k carbon fibres, with a size tailored to thermoplastics. Unidirectional (UD) tapes help reinforce components based on the load path. Organo sheets can be customised by selecting a specific structure of UD tapes, rovings, fabrics or nonwovens. Tapes and organo sheets can also be processed in thermoforming processes.

Carbon fibre reinforced organic sheet with thermoplastic-compatible sizing. © SGL Group

For additional reinforcement through injection moulding, SGL Group also offers long-fibre-reinforced thermoplastic granulates (LFT). With the help of a demonstrator, SGL will present several examples for combining thermoplastic composite materials at the event. Among them the latest developments in the area of thermoplastic profiles, which can be used in combination with injection moulding for local reinforcement.

Sigratherm GFG

The GMS business unit will present products for increasing the thermal conductivity of plastics. “Sigratherm GFG powder, produced from expanded natural graphite, offers crucial advantages when used as plastic additives even at low filler contents thanks to its high purity, large specific surface and low bulk density,” the company reports.

Sigratherm GFG powder – coarse and fine graphite powder to be used as additive to enhance thermal conductivity. © SGL Group

“Furthermore, it can increase thermal conductivity significantly while only minimally affecting other characteristics of the polymer. Its good free flow properties and dosability allow economic processing, even on a large scale.” In addition to an increased thermal conductivity, the additives can also be used for electrical and antistatic applications.

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