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8th December 2017, Andover

Dia-Stron to present measurement systems at CAMX

Dia-Stron, a leading manufacturer of testing instrumentation for single fibres and filaments, will be once again attending CAMX 2017 (The Composites and Advanced Materials Expo), which will be taking place at the Orange County Convention Centre in Orlando, FL, next week.

“We will be exhibiting our LEX820 with IFSS (Interfacial Shear Strength) module, demonstrating this innovative system for measuring debonding forces of micro-droplets on single fibres and filaments. We will also be offering information and advice on our full range of technical fibre testing solutions,” the company explains.

LEX820 with IFSS module. © Dia-Stron

The IFSS module uses interchangeable, precision laser-cut tungsten slotted plates to contact with the micro-droplet whilst the specimen is withdrawn through. The force being applied by the micro-droplet to the plate is recorded by the load cell until interfacial failure occurs. The company’s accompanying software UvWin is designed to allow for easily modified method parameters and offers a number of integrated data post-processing tools.

The company’s other innovations include the LDS/LEX System and Cassette Hotel. A fully automated dimensional and tensile measurement system, the LDS/LEX is designed for technical fibres and filaments, whilst the Cassette Hotel boosts sample testing automation with its 200 sample capacity and live loading/unloading capability.

LDS/LEX single filament system. © Dia-Stron

Based in the UK with offices and manufacturing facilities in Andover, Hampshire, the company offers an extensive range of instrumentation that covers all aspects of fibre measurement. “Our systems are capable of single hair fibre testing, entire hair tresses, or technical fibres including natural, man-made and composite filaments,” the company reports.

Cassette Hotel. © Dia-Stron

“Man-made technical fibres, such as carbon and glass, present unique challenges when measuring dimensional and mechanical properties. At Dia-Stron we constantly strive to design and manufacture the most effective testing systems for these technically challenging materials, in order to carry out efficient technical fibre testing. The mechanical characterisation of these fibres or filaments, especially in uniaxial tensile deformation, is routinely measured to understand and to predict the behaviour of composite parts.”

The manufacturer also has offices in the US and a network of distributors across Asia, Europe and Latin America.

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