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14th September 2017, Manchester

British technology to shine in Birmingham

BTMA will be promoting the UK textile manufacturing and testing machinery at Advanced Engineering 2017. © Inside CompositesBritish Textile Machinery Association (BTMA) will be promoting the UK textile manufacturing and testing machinery at the upcoming Advanced Engineering 2017, which will take place in Birmingham, from 1-2 November.

“Many manufacturers of composites are not aware that most of the processes involved in producing woven, nonwoven or knitted textiles for use in composite components were developed here in the UK, and in association with BTMA member companies,” the association explains.

“Therefore, many of the BTMA member companies can or already produce machinery to produce advanced fibres, yarns and fabrics, including coating, laminating and autoclaves necessary for the production of composite components.” The important area of testing equipment for fibres, yarns and fabrics is also covered by BTMA member companies and it is all manufactured in the UK.

BTMA promotes the advantages of UK companies to improve quality, productivity and materials performance in any industry sector through the application of research and advanced textile manufacturing technologies.

BTMA member companies work to improve product performance, manufacturing efficiencies, or production processes. “Their know-how based on decades of involvement in the textiles industry could significantly speed up the R&D process and reduce costs dramatically,” the association reports.

Many of the processes involved in producing advanced fibres, yarns and fabrics whether woven, nonwoven, knitted or braided for use in the production of composite components are based on traditional methods of textiles production. However, most composite production technologies have developed far in advance of those traditionally associated with conventional textiles. Many of these advancements and innovative technologies have emerged and continue to emerge from member companies of the BTMA.

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