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14th February 2019, Wigan

Bitrez and Materia Nova resins at JEC World

Curabox is designed for aerospace primary and secondary structures. Bitrez, Europe’s leading manufacturer of specialist polymers and chemicals, and Materia Nova, a materials R&D centre based in Belgium, are joining forces at this year’s JEC World, from 12-14 March, to showcase a new family of Benzoxazine thermoset resins designed specifically for composite applications.

The result of a collaboration between the two companies and the University of Mons, the new resin called Curabox is designed for aerospace primary and secondary structures or frames, body panels and structural reinforcements on trains, buses, trucks and cars.

“We’re really excited to join forces with Materia Nova at JEC to showcase our innovative Benzoxazine thermoset resins. We’re extremely proud of Curabox. It demonstrates how cutting-edge chemistry can solve challenges posed by composite materials,” commented Dominic Hopwood, Bitrez’s Composites Resin Sales Manager.

With high service temperatures and mechanical and electrical properties Curabox is said to perform well over prolonged periods in difficult working environments. Its high-performance characteristics and endurance to mechanical and chemical attack make it suitable for the manufacture of long service composite components, the companies explain.

The Curabox family includes several grades offered in their original form, as well as grades in pre-solvated form, for use when processed through impregnation towers.

“We’re delighted to start a partnership with Bitrez – the leading manufacturer and specialist of polymers and resins – to launch the commercialization of Curabox, a new family of high performance benzoxazine thermoset resins issued from lab research developments both at Materia Nova and the University of Mons. It is a great example that novel chemistry can impart relevant solutions to composite material challenges,” said Dr Luc Langer, General Manager of Materia Nova and Prof Philippe Dubois, President of Materia Nova and Rector of University of Mons (UMONS).

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