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16th November 2018, Rastede

Büfa Composite Systems recognised by AVK

Electrically-conductive tool coating by Büfa Composite Systems has convinced the jury of the AVK Innovation Prize. The Rastede-based company received the award in the category Innovative products/components or applications at the 4th International Composites Congress (ICC) in Stuttgart on 5 November.

“With the Büfa-Conductive-Tooling-Gelcoat, Büfa Composite Systems has developed an exceptional tool coating with conductive capacities. The materials which have been available on the market up until now for plastic toolmaking were not able to discharge the electrostatic charges which are generated when parts are unmoulded,” the company explains.

The Rastede-based company received the award at the 4th International Composites Congress (ICC) in Stuttgart. © Büfa Composite Systems

Conductivity is achieved by using very small amounts of carbon nanotubes (Tuball SWCNT by OCSiAL). “At the same time, when Büfa-Conductive-Tooling-Gelcoat is used, in addition to the increased safety brought about by conductivity, improved component quality is also seen due to reduced dust attraction, faster cycle-times due to reduced cleaning steps as well as increased tool service life,” the manufacturer continues. “This combination of safety and processing features of the tooling systems is what won the AVK jury over.”

Büfa, which was founded in Oldenburg in 1883, is an independent, medium-sized company in the chemical industry and is active today in the business areas of chemicals, cleaning and composites. “We owe our success to innovative, environmentally appropriate products and systems for targeted use that meet the highest requirements and are used in many industries such as railroad, wind energy, food and cleaning,” the company states.

“We serve customers in the composites business area by providing customised composite products and complete solutions. We also excel as a system supplier because of our outstanding technical service and comprehensive machine and application know-how.”

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