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20 June 2019, Warwick

Automotive Sector Showcase 2019

The next Automotive Sector Showcase event will take place in Warwick, on 20 June 2019.Composites UK is working jointly alongside the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) on its next Automotive Sector Showcase event.

The automotive industry has two very distinct parts: the large-volume sector and the specialist area producing modified or complete vehicles in small numbers. The challenges of each are different and this is reflected in the way car manufacturers approach the use of composites.

In the large-volume sector, a large percentage of the cost is in the capital plant needed for manufacture and so once the required equipment has been procured and commissioned it is very costly to change the design of a component. This naturally makes the industry very conservative and encourages extensive prototype testing in both real and simulated environments of any new system before the investment is made.

In small-volume production, however, the manufacturing operations are much less capital intensive and so the resistance to change in material is somewhat less.

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