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4th October 2018, Alnwick

Automating the machine shop with MSP

Metrology Software Products (MSP), a leading expert in developing and implementing precision metrology software, will introduce its new AutoClock at the forthcoming Advanced Engineering 2018 exhibition, which takes place from 31 October to 1 November in Birmingham, UK. It will also be demonstrating to visiting manufacturers how to fully automate machine shops – specifically tool axis settings, machine checking and parts set-up.

“AutoClock automates the first stage – the probe calibration process,” explains MSP’s commercial director Tony Brown. “It provides fast, accurate and automated tool axis setting and takes seconds to automatically set the tool axis offset to microns. Most importantly, it enables the probe to complete the automatic calibration process without human intervention, removing errors and uncertainty.”

This is the first year AutoClock is being shown at Advanced Engineering. © Metrology Software Products

“Our NC-Checker then provides automatic five-axis checking of the machine tool, analysing the machine’s accuracy. It provides a comprehensive report, showing the manufacturer if a machine is capable of machining parts to tolerance or where the machine is under-performing,” he adds. “NC-PerfectPart meanwhile solves problems created by the poor condition of supply or part alignment on the machine tool. It measures the part’s actual position on the machine and these measurements are used to calculate the part alignment. The machine controller is automatically updated to compensate for any discrepancy between the part location and the machining program. All errors due to misalignment are eliminated.”

MSP, which is based in Alnwick, UK, will also demonstrate how its software can make probes more useful.

Machine tool probes are important tools for improving part quality during the manufacturing process, yet they often remain unused, or limited to simple set-up jobs, where they are unable to reach their full potential to increase part quality or setup speed.

AutoClock is the first product available to the industry which automates the process for tool axis setting. © Metrology Software Products

With MSP’s software, however, machine tool probes provide a wealth of benefits in respect of machine capability, stock condition of supply, part distortion, part alignment, increased part quality and post-machining inspection.

This is the first year AutoClock is being shown at Advanced Engineering. It is the first product available to the industry which automates the process for tool axis setting, making it an exciting feature for the exhibition.

“We have exhibited at Advanced Engineering many times and visiting manufacturers are always impressed with the level of automation we can provide for their machine shops,” says Peter Hammond, MSP’s technical director. “I am looking forward to this as we are able to offer another stage of automation with AutoClock, helping manufacturers to become even more efficient, productive and profitable.”

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