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5th June 2018, Stamford, CT

Arevo develops 3D-printed carbon fibre bike

Based in Santa Clara, CA, Arevo is ushering in the next era of 3D printing and is transforming the way manufactured products are conceived, designed, built, and maintained. To demonstrate its software and robotics at work, Arevo partnered with StudioWest to create a 3D-printed bicycle, using Hexcel carbon fibre. A reimagined form factor removed a seat stay between the seat and back wheel, adding strength and simplicity, the company explains.

Conventional 3D printers typically print in two dimensions on a stacked horizontal plane. Arevo’s robotic arm makes all axes available enabling true 3D printing, removing design constraints and providing the freedom to create.

3D-printed carbon fibre commuter bicycle. © Arevo/Hexcel

Arevo is using the bike to demonstrate the potential of the technology, which will be used to produce lightweight parts with superior strength for applications where designers want to make carbon fibre parts but are hesitant due to the high cost and labour-intensive process of making them.

“It was great to have Hexcel – a leader in advanced carbon fibre – join this project with us. With companies like Hexcel as partners, we are certain that we have the technology, team and tools in place to commercialize our software and fabrication process to build high strength parts that the manufacturing industry hasn’t been able to conceive and construct before,” commented Arevo CEO Jim Miller.

Arevo recently secured financing to build on the full-scale commercialisation of its technology across a diverse set of industries such as aerospace, defence, transportation, automotive, consumer electronics, sporting goods, medical, and oil and gas.

“We congratulate Arevo on this technological leap forward. We’re excited to be part of the project and appreciate the trust they have in our products. We look forward to continuing to be a supplier for many more projects like this one,” said Brett Schneider, Hexcel President – Global Fibers.

Hexcel Corporation is a leading advanced composites company. It develops, manufactures and markets lightweight, high-performance structural materials including carbon fibres, specialty reinforcements, prepregs and other fibre-reinforced matrix materials, honeycomb, adhesives, engineered core and composite structures for use in commercial aerospace, space and defence and industrial applications.

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