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3rd September 2019, Friedrichshafen

Arevo announces new partner

New frame design from Pilot and based on ‘Arevo DNA’ technology will be used for new line of e-bikes from Pilot. © Arevo

New frame design from Pilot and based on ‘Arevo DNA’ technology will be used for new line of e-bikes from Pilot. © Arevo

Arevo, the Silicon Valley company specialising in composites manufacturing, and Pilot Distribution Group BV, a leader in bike design and production, have announced at Eurobike 2019, which takes place in Friedrichshafen this week, that Arevo will produce the 3D-printed carbon fibre unibody frames for a new line of e-bikes from Pilot. Pilot will display this new bike, called the EVE9, in the stand of partner Pinion during Eurobike show.

This announcement marks Arevo’s second major customer win in the cycling industry within the last six months. Frames of a different design, announced earlier this year, are currently in volume production at the company’s Milpitas, CA, manufacturing centre.

“Arevo’s continuous carbon fibre technology is very impressive as it affords numerous design possibilities and provides excellent strength and durability,” said Arno Pieterse, from Pilot. “The technology truly is a revolution in composites manufacturing and enables us to offer all the high-performance qualities we envisioned for EVE.”

“We thank Pilot for the confidence they have shown in the Arevo DNA technology, which is unique in the additive manufacturing (AM) world,” said Hemant Bheda, co-founder and chairman of Arevo.  “We feel we are making a significant impact in the bike industry and see near-term applicability in other areas of green urban mobility, from electric scooters to e-VTOLs, or flying cars.”

Arevo’s AM process features patented software algorithms enabling generative design techniques, free-motion robotics for True 3D construction, and direct energy deposition for virtually void free construction all optimized for anisotropic composite materials. 

“As this manufacturing technology offers such unique possibilities, it enabled us to redefine the way we design bicycles,” said Bastiaan Thijs, of “The technology gave us the ability to create a truly one-piece design, carbon fibre-reinforced, fully-integrated eBike frame for the EVE9.  Furthermore, it is truly remarkable that this frame is 100% recyclable.”

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3D-printed carbon fibre unibody bike frame at Eurobike 2019

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