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13th February 2020, Silicon Valley

Arevo announces MaaS for 3D-printed composites

3D-printed composite e-Moto – a micro mobility cross between an e-bike and an e-scooter. © Arevo.

3D-printed composite e-Moto – a micro mobility cross between an e-bike and an e-scooter. © Arevo.

Arevo, the Silicon Valley company transforming composites manufacturing through digitalization, will unveil its new MaaS (Manufacturing-as-a-Service) program for the on-demand production of ultra-strong, lightweight 3D-printed composite parts at the forthcoming JEC World show in Paris.

“In addition to its availability in the US, MaaS is also offered in Japan in partnership with AGC, Inc. and new partner 3DPC.  This service is based on Arevo’s Aqua platform, the world’s first industrial-grade continuous fibre 3D printing system capable of printing parts of up to one meter cubic volume and the Xplorator software - the industry’s first, fully integrated composite tool chain to accelerate the design process from concept to production, Arevo said today in a press communication.

“With breakthrough innovations in software, robotics, and materials science, Arevo is uniquely qualified to offer this innovative MaaS platform, as the company has unlocked the true potential of carbon fibre to provide composite parts with unprecedented low cost, true ‘production scale’ for 3D-printed goods and reduced design cycles for a wide range of products,” the company said.

“At JEC World we are looking forward to speaking with customers requiring innovative composite parts made with the MaaS process in consumer, industrial and aerospace industries.  We are also seeking partners to expand our MaaS service worldwide,” said Hemant Bheda, Co-Founder and Chairman of Arevo.

“Our easy to use Xplorator software accelerates design cycles for composite parts from months to hours.  Our MaaS infrastructure significantly improves the time-to-market and ROI in the development and production of new micro mobility vehicles, sporting goods, eVTOLs, commercial drones and satellites.”

At JEC World, Arevo will be exhibiting unique 3D-printed composite parts, such as the 3D-printed composite e-Moto – a micro mobility cross between an e-bike and an e-scooter, a custom tennis racket engineered for performance and an aircraft landing gear door bracket optimized with generative design.  Arevo worked with both Airbus and Stelia Aerospace to produce the bracket, which consists of a single 3D-printed part that replaces four metal parts welded together.

At JEC World, visit Arevo in Hall 5, booth S-92, to learn more about the company’s growing MaaS initiatives and see the world’s first 3D-printed composite e-Moto.

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