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6th June 2017, Collierville, TN

AOC introduces halogen-free FR resin technology

Firepel K140-MTI resin system has been developed for interior mass transit applications, as well as architectural and building applications.Leading resin supplier AOC has introduced Firepel K140-MTI, a high-performance resin system for interior mass transit applications, as well as architectural and building applications.

The unique one-part system is halogen-free and does not require antimony or aluminium trihydrate (ATH) to achieve its fire retardant and low smoke properties, the company explains. Composites made from Firepel K140 are said to be up to 30% lower in density than standard composites using ATH, meeting the automotive and construction industries’ increasing needs for lighter weight parts.

“Firepel K140-MTI exhibits outstanding flame and smoke properties, and offers many handling and processing benefits compared to other products on the market,” said Mike Diehl, Business Manager for AOC. “We will continue to develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of the industries we serve.”

Firepel K140-MTI

Firepel K140-MTI is engineered for the hand lay-up, spray-up and RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) manufacturing processes.

Firepel K140-MTI uses a combination of proprietary flame and smoke retardant technology to achieve its performance, resulting in great handling characteristics, cure properties and higher glass content, according to the manufacturer. Its combination of properties is said to produce composite parts that are easier to fabricate, stronger and lighter weight than mineral filled products.

Firepel K140-MTI exceeds the requirements of mass transit applications in North America, Europe and Asia, based on the following testing:

  • CEN TS 45545 European Consolidated Railway Standard (HL2 rating)
  • SMP 800-C, Toxic Gas Generation Standard
  • ASTM E162, Standard Test Method for Surface Flammability of Materials Using a Radiant Heat Energy Source
  • ASTM E662, Standard Test Method for Specific Optical Density of Smoke Generated by Solid Materials
  • ASTM E 84 (UL 723) Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials

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