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11th January 2019, Stockport

Antala celebrates 20th anniversary

Antala’s adhesives and sealants are used by some of the largest OEM’s and Tier manufacturers in rail, automotive, marine, power, transportation and general industries. © AntalaThis year, Antala, a specialist chemical solutions provider across UK and Ireland, is celebrating its 20th anniversary in speciality chemicals. The company offers a wide range of industrial adhesives and sealants including epoxies, silicone, methyl methacrylate, polyurethane, SMP, anaerobic, UV curing and cyanoacrylates.

“We have witnessed great worldwide changes and evolutions in technology, economic and social fields. Throughout the years, we have adapted to offer extensive technical support, providing the best solutions to meet and exceed the latest industry requirements,” the company says.

In 1999, the company started its journey in the business world by distributing hand tools and engineering plastics in Barcelona. Four years later, thanks to its efforts in the automotive sector, it was selected as the sole distributor for Dow Automotive in Spain, Portugal and North Africa.

“At that time, the manufacturing industry was changing and demand for lightweight materials and composites was becoming evident across the construction, automotive, aerospace and rail industries. Whilst strategically positioned to support this revolution, we had recognised the advantages of bonding technology in assembly production.”

“It was at this moment, we emerged as specialists in industrial adhesives and sealants.”

Growing portfolio

In 2006, the Dow Corning brand, now known as Dowsil had selected Antala as its distributor. In the same year, the company became part of the DGE Group (Smart Specialty Chemicals) and in 2007, it signed a new distribution agreement with Huntsman Araldite.

“Once we were consolidated in the adhesives industry, we entered the world of lubrications becoming a distributor of the Molykote brand,” the company continues. “In 2012, we opened our first industrial warehouse outside Spain. Antala UK was born and in the same year, we became an official distributor of Dow Automotive UK. Distribution agreements were also signed with Dowsil and Huntsman Araldite in the UK.”

The company’s portfolio grew to include coatings, and the industrial lubrication range was extended with the signing of Krytox and Jax. The Tectyl-Valvoline brand was added to provide customers with anti-corrosion solutions.

Knowledge and expertise

Over the years, Antala has established itself as a technical company with strong knowledge and expertise across a wide range of industries and applications, from encapsulating adhesives for new generation electronic devices, to lubricants that maintain the functioning of large nuclear power plants.

“Our team of over fifty professionals, includes commercial technicians and experienced engineers that can provide on-site support covering design, development, training, auditing and commercial activities. At Antala, we are committed to providing the best solution to help you remain at the forefront of your industry,” the company concludes.

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