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24th September 2018, Düsseldorf

All systems automotive for Asahi Kasei

A packed customer meeting following the press conference suggests high interest from the OEMs. © Adrian WilsonWhen a chemicals and fibre producer decides to build a concept car, it’s clear that some profound changes are imminent for the automotive industry, but then this is an era when, without any previous skin in the game, entrepreneurs like Tesla’s Elon Musk are in any case threatening to turn it on its head.

And Japan’s Asahi Kasei, of course, is a little more than a chemicals and fibre producer, with sales of €15.8 billion in 2017 across its three divisions – Materials, Homes and Healthcare – and employing 34,670 people globally at the end of March 2018.

At a press conference in Düsseldorf, Germany on 19 September, the company unveiled its AKXY concept car in Europe for the first time and its plans for expansion both geographically and specifically within the automotive sector.

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