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9th April 2018, Huntington Beach, CA

Airtech introduces new cut piece tapes

Airtech Advanced Materials Group, a leading manufacturer of vacuum bagging and composite tooling materials, now offers additional tapes in cut piece format to customers, who want to reduce touch labour and minimise the use of knives and scissors to avoid risk of hand injury. In addition, it is said to eliminate the possibility of damaging the vacuum bag, the company comments.

The Wrightlease 2 cut piece is 1” x 2” and presented on a 2-piece plastic liner for easy removal. The liner is scored to easily tear off as required. Wrightlease 2 is an extruded fluoropolymer film coated with silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. The orange colour is highly visible on most substrates in addition to offering high elongation and tensile strength.

Wrightlease 2 cut piece. © Airtech Advanced Materials Group

The Wrightcast 8500 PS cut piece is 1” x 2” and presented on a paper liner. The 2-piece liner makes removal of the cut pieces easy and quick and the liner can be torn off for easy disposal. Wrightcast 8500 PS tape is a high temperature nylon pressure sensitive tape with a non-silicone adhesive. It is a multi-purpose tape with high elongation and is ideal for complex mould shapes.

According to the manufacturer, the main benefits are that the new tapes can be pre-cut and available where needed, greatly reducing labour, and precision cut to the proper length, reducing waste.

Wrightcast 8500 PS cut piece. © Airtech Advanced Materials Group

Established in 1973, Airtech Advanced Materials Group consists of Airtech International, Huntington Beach, CA, US; Airtech Europe, Differdange, Luxembourg; Tygavac Advanced Materials, Chadderton, England; and Airtech Asia, Tianjin, China. The Group serves the aircraft-aerospace, printed circuit board, marine, wind power, automotive and recreational industries. It is the largest privately owned manufacturer of vacuum bagging and tooling materials of its kind.

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