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9th September 2019, Pontypool

Airbond launches range of new splicing technology

Model 302. © Airbond

Model 302. © Airbond

Airbond, an expert in the science of fibre splicing and its applications, is celebrating securing its second Queen’s Award for Innovation – the UK’s highest accolade for business success – this time, for its new patented, splicing technology.

The company will be introducing a range of new developments in splicing at this year’s Advanced Engineering Show, which takes place from 30-31 October in Birmingham, UK.

The two headline products being featured and demonstrated at the show will be Model 302, a fixed-position splicer for waste yarn recovery to reduce factory costs, and Model 307, a twin-chamber splicer for upmost strength splices for yarn counts up to 4800 tex.

The Model 302 system boasts yarn counts up to 9000 tex and works by enabling the manufacturer to rewind partly used bobbins of yarn, shorts, to join one to another, until a full-weight bobbin is produced. That full-weight bobbin can then be used to produce another product – ideal where cost and waste savings are paramount in lower quality applications, the company reports.

Model 307 has a new and improved lightweight design ideal for use in an everyday factory environment, replacing an older model well established in the composites industry.

Model 307. © Airbond

Model 307. © Airbond

“Splicing is a mature technology, which had stagnated for decades. We have catapulted it into the 21st century. Get it wrong and you will waste a lot of product, transforming fibres into dust. However, we have invested heavily in R&D to get it right, and we are really pleased at the recognition of this second Queen’s Award for Innovation,” said Graham Waters, Managing Director of Airbond. “This is a very exciting time for the company, and I am looking forward to deliver cutting edge precision splicing, helping our clients save time, money and resources.”

Airbond has invested heavily in R&D and its patented technology to deliver improvements in operating costs for yarn processors in the composites industries. Previously splicing carbon or glass fibres with compressed air turned the fibres to dust as they were so brittle, even though strong longitudinally.

That research led to unique machines which for the first time spliced modern composite materials and Airbond became the only company making pneumatic splicers for the full range of yarns and tows used for composites manufacturing. The innovation in these machines lies in control of the air with newly developed accessories.

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