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27th January 2020, Wales

Airbond launches carbon fibre splicing range

Model 701, Airbond’s latest splicer for carbon fibre. © Airbond.Model 701, Airbond’s latest splicer for carbon fibre. © Airbond.

Double Queen’s Award winners for Innovation, Airbond, will introduce a range of innovative, rugged carbon fibre yarn splicers with a five-year guarantee (in normal usage) at this year’s JEC World. Companies who manufacture composites or carbon fabric can make significant cost reductions through saved time and dramatic elimination in wastage, the company says

Yarn splicers produce a smooth joint between joined yarns, significantly reducing costs in textile processes. It has been historically difficult to make spliced joints in the brittle materials such as carbon or glass fibres used by the composites industry and yarns tend to be much heavier than those used in traditional textiles.

Graham Waters, managing director of Airbond said: “Over many years we have developed a simple, robust solution, where we now offer a range of products to splice materials such as carbon fibre which for decades have proved particularly troublesome. These are the best composite fibre splicers available in the world. Not only that, they are rugged and reliable. They don’t break and they’re easy to maintain.”

“This new range of products come with a long, five-year warranty, and are tougher than anything else on the market, worldwide.”

The process of splicing is complex and involves moving air at high speed, to tangle fibres without breaking them. “The ability to successfully splice carbon and glass fibres with this method has eluded many experts for decades as the fibres tend to be brittle and turn to dust. Airbond understand the science of airflow. They have learnt how to operate splicing chambers at lower pressures, to successfully splice fragile and large yarns,” Airbond explains.

“Airbond’s research led the invention of new and better forms of pneumatic yarn splicers which, for the first time, splice modern composite materials efficiently and effectively.”

The new range of products offer solutions for ultra-fine yarns through to very large tows, of carbon, glass, or other synthetics. To find out more, visit Airbond on stand S52, Hall 6 at JEC or the website.

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