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21st November 2019, Milpitas, CA

AGC to install Arevo’s MaaS system

Arevo’s Aqua 3D printing unit. © Arevo

Arevo’s Aqua 3D printing unit. © Arevo

Tokyo-headquartered AGC, formerly known as Asahi Glass, is to install industrial-grade composite 3D printing equipment developed by Arevo, based in Milpitas, California, in order to offer Manufacturing-as-a-Service (MaaS) on-demand, ultra-strong, lightweight 3D-printed composite parts to the Japanese market.

The service will be based on Arevo’s Aqua platform – the world’s first industrial-grade continuous fibre 3D printing system capable of printing parts of up to one metre in cubic volume.

The Aqua Printer uses a patented laser-based DED (direct energy deposition) in-situ consolidation process. This closed loop process with machine learning algorithms is the world’s most advanced thermoplastic composite deposition technology. The process has been validated with the highest mechanical properties and lowest voids within the finished product (as measured by the total volume) as compared to any other 3D printing technology.

Composite parts are printed using high performance composite material with a PEEK (polyetheretherketone) thermoplastic polymer matrix and aerospace grade carbon fibre. The material meets stringent FST (Fire, Smoke, Toxicity) requirements for aerospace and defence applications. PEEK also offers outstanding resistance to harsh chemicals, excellent mechanical strength and dimensional stability.

A critical advantage for Arevo and the company’s customers lies in the industry’s first, fully integrated composite tool chain to accelerate the process from concept to production of the composite parts.

This software features:

  • Composite generative design with optimum fibre orientation
  • Mechanical performance prediction and optimisation
  • Virtual 3D printer visualisation of the print process
  • Monitoring process data during the print process for automated quality control

The technology meets the most rigorous manufacturing specifications of the aerospace industry for primary structures such as wing and fuselage components, engine components such as cascade and interior parts such as cabin seat frames and partitions.

Arevo also provides a cost-effective solution for consumer products such as sporting goods and in other areas of transportation. The company has made great strides recently in the cycle manufacturing industry, with two major customer wins in 2019 and endorsements from leading designers in the Netherlands and the U.S.

“This is a landmark achievement in the ongoing evolution of manufacturing and the Industry 4.0 movement,” said Hemant Bheda, Co-Founder and chairman of Arevo. “We are all working towards super-efficient and sustainable processes with localized on-demand manufacturing. We look forward to working with AGC to scale our MaaS platform in many industrial sectors.”

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