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4th December 2019, Nyrigyhazha, Hungary

Compotech Hungary is up and running

Compotech AG's new RTM & Hand layup facility in Nyrigyhazha Hungary is now up and running. Complimenting Compotech's long established Switzerland based SMC Reinforced fibre and composites capability, the company is now able to offer its rail, transport and equipment manufacturing customers both low volume and high-volume quality production at very competitive pricing.

"As well as volume rail interiors and automotive exterior parts, we can now offer our customers one offs or low volume production," comments Venkatesh Tulluri and Marcus Schwyn , joint MDs.

Size is no limitation with SMC, up to 3m x 2.5m parts readily produced and now even bigger parts for rail exteriors and wind power easily produced. Full assembly, finishing and logistics are also key parts of our wide-ranging services.

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