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6th June 2019, The Hague

Airborne and Plataine discuss digital revolution

For the aerospace industry it is estimated that the number of air passengers annually will hit 7.8 billion by 2036. Airborne and its partner Plataine have combined their in-depth knowledge on disruptive engineering and manufacturing solutions based on the latest insights of the Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0. Both partners presented at Composites 4.0, in Coventry, this week, on how composites manufacturers can really benefit from the digital transformation revolution facing the industry.

As IIoT and Industry 4.0 are opening up more and more possibilities for composite parts manufacturers, cutting cost and increasing throughput by automating and optimising processes, such as material cutting, kitting and sorting, are at the brink of disrupting the complete value chain of composites manufacturing. For more than 93% of all composite parts manufacturers, growing volumes while cutting costs is troublesome.

Aerospace industry needs

For the aerospace industry it is estimated that the number of air passengers annually will hit 7.8 billion by 2036. This means the aerospace industry needs to build 40,000 aircraft in the next 20 years – a challenging goal given the fact that current global commercial aircraft production capacity is 1,500 aircraft per year. As OEM’s and suppliers are searching for ways to optimise their current production lines, pressure and demand for on-time delivery and cost down leaves manufacturers struggling to keep pace. Manual processes and practices are prone to error and slow companies down.

“The only question you need to ask yourself when you are a composite parts manufacturer for the aerospace industry, is: are you ready to double your current production rate in the next five years? The only way to meet the required production level is through immense automation and digitalisation. It’s not about should we automate? It’s about how do we automate best and fastest? At Airborne we have expecting these questions and developed the rights solutions. As a result, our solutions are ready to fly,” said Joe Summers, Managing Director Airborne UK.

Implementing AI

Airborne UK’s Miroslav Stojkovic presented the company’s vision on digital and automated manufacturing of composites at Composites 4.0. Plataine presented its IIoT solutions, discussing Opportunities, Challenges & Best Practices of Implementing Artificial Intelligence in Composites Manufacturing.

“Industry partnerships between IIoT hardware and software companies, offer the most advanced and cost-effective solutions. But, for truly effective automation in the composites industry, you need more than just a machine: you need to intelligently automate and digitise the production floor as a whole, allowing composites part manufacturers to enter many more applications than currently being used, optimally meeting dynamic production schedules at increased volumes,” commented Avner Ben-Bassat, President and CEO at Plataine.

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