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28th March 2017, Redwood City, CA

Additive advances with SpeedCell

SpeedCell achieves superior production workflow and output by integrating multiple key operations. © Carbon  Silicon Valley-based additive manufacturing company Carbon has announced the launch of SpeedCell, a system of securely connected products designed to upend traditional methods of manufacturing.

The first components of the SpeedCell include two new products that provide a powerful solution for additive manufacturing at scale – the M2, a robust, industrial-grade 3D printer built with manufacturers in mind and the Smart Part Washer which enables optimal cleaning and easy finishing of parts.

Carbon’s Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) technology coupled with the SpeedCell system enables previously impossible designs – from single-part combinations of complex assemblies to un-mouldable and un-millable geometries like lattices – while also minimising the tooling and prototyping stages of the design process to go directly to end-use part production. Manufacturers can now cost-effectively and quickly introduce new products, produce localized products for specific markets, provide inventory on-demand, and explore a breadth of other business models.

“SpeedCell combines our reliable M Series machines, data-rich platform and ever-expanding base of production-quality resins to give our partners the tools to massively change the way they think about design and production,” said Dr Joseph DeSimone, co-founder and CEO of Carbon. “For our customers, this means that their product development cycles no longer need to include the antiquated traditional manufacturing process steps of designing, prototyping, tooling and then production. Instead, products can be designed and engineered on a platform that is also the means of production, eliminating prototyping and tooling steps. This dis-intermediation is at the core of Carbon’s role in accelerating the much-anticipated digital revolution in manufacturing.”

The introduction of SpeedCell is in direct response to the needs of Carbon’s customers and strategic partners, including BMW and General Electric. Breaking free from the current constraints of the traditional design, production, and distribution process, Fast Radius, in partnership with UPS, is a new Carbon customer and one of Carbon’s SpeedCell launch partners.

“UPS has teamed up with Fast Radius to create a global, on-demand manufacturing and supply chain solution enabled by additive manufacturing of which Carbon’s pioneering solutions for real part manufacturing are an important addition,” said Alan Amling, UPS Corporate Strategy Vice President. “In partnership with Fast Radius, we can immediately leverage the SpeedCell capabilities to provide our customers with on-demand products and inventory in a scalable and cost-effective way.”

SpeedCell achieves superior production workflow and output by integrating multiple key operations, including part printing and part washing, to facilitate cost-effective part production. Twice the build area of the M1, the M2 enables the printing of larger parts or more parts per build with the same resolution and isotropic quality as Carbon’s pioneering M1 printer. The Smart Part Washer automates repeatable part washing, the next step in the additive manufacturing process. SpeedCell also features multiple Carbon Connectors, which enable hardware extensibility to support additional system capabilities in the future.

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  • Adrian Wilson 9th April 2017 8:45AM

    Hi Ginger, Extremely good point well made. They are not, I'll get this changed. I think the confusion comes from the company name. Best regards, Adrian

  • Ginger Gardiner 30th March 2017 13:44PM

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