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13th June 2017, Istanbul

Growing METYX Composites moves to new headquarters

New METYX Composites new headquarters offices located in the modern new hi-rise office space in Kadıköy, Istanbul. © METYX Composites METYX Composites has relocated its headquarters team to new offices in Kozyatağı, which is in the heart of Istanbul. Since 2003, when METYX Composites started, the headquarters has been located with the parent company Telateks A.S. at the Group headquarters and factories in the Tuzla industrial area. Telateks A.S. was originally founded in Tuzla in 1978 by Erol Ustunel.

The new headquarters office space is needed to accommodate both current and future sales, purchasing, finance, accounting and management departments, which have all grown as the METYX Composites business has significantly expanded from one to three factories, adding new technical textile products and added value services.

“This move to our own headquarters marks an important milestone in our company’s history and signals our commitment to future investment and growth objectives,” said Ugur Üstünel, Co-Director, METYX Composites.

The more central office location, close to the city’s public transport networks, is much more convenient, being closer and so quicker to get to for staff, as well as visiting suppliers and customers who come to Istanbul, the company reports.

As part of the upgrading of the METYX Composites headquarters operations to better serve its customers and suppliers, the new offices have been installed with the latest telecommunications, using the same phone and fax numbers as before, along with an integrated IT hardware and software, which includes the use of secure ‘Cloud’ based systems which can rapidly process and back up data for the business. 

The METYX Composites range of technical fabrics includes multiaxial reinforcements, carbon reinforcements, RTM reinforcements, woven reinforcements, and vacuum bagging products, designed to combine higher mechanical performance with key processing benefits.

Core and fabric kitting, FRP plug and mould tooling, as well as technical consultancy services, are also provided to meet the individual needs of manufactures in the automotive, transportation, marine, rail, and wind energy markets.

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