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13th November 2018, Le Cheylard

Chomarat’s multiaxial in Babolat’s new tennis racket

Babolat, a leading specialist racket sports goods manufacturer, is launching the new version of the Babolat’s Pure Aero tennis racket featuring C-Ply Hexagonal, a new multiaxial carbon reinforcement by Chomarat, a leading specialist in textile reinforcements for composites. A combination of ultra-modern design and high performance, this tennis racket for champions has made an appearance on the courts of the Rolex Paris Masters.

“We are very proud to be chosen by Babolat. Our new carbon reinforcement, added to the heart of the racket, enables better control and makes each shot more precise and stable,” said Pascal Joubert Des Ouches, Sports Equipment Market Director at Chomarat.

Babolat’s Pure Aero tennis racket. © Babolat

The addition of C-Ply to the core of the Babolat’s Pure Aero has increased the racket’s stability while enhancing its performance, the manufacturer explains. The specificity of the reinforcement lies in its stitching thread. “This unique thread brings out the colour of the resin pigments because it has been designed to remain visible after its impregnation. It also contributes to extra reinforcement and an exceptional design,” concluded Pascal Joubert Des Ouches.

Babolat’s Pure Aero tennis racket. © Babolat

Established in 1898, Chomarat is an international industrial textile group, involved in three businesses: Composites Reinforcements, Construction Reinforcements, Coatings & Films–Textiles. The privately held company operates in France, Tunisia, the US and China to service its global customers. Chomarat leads a strong innovation strategy, rising to challenges, developing materials for the future. Hence, the Group invests in new technologies and enters into collaborative research programs with universities and technical centres worldwide.

Chomarat offers strong technical know-how and mastery of complex technologies in fields ranging from automotive, aerospace, sports, energy, marine, construction, and also in markets requiring creativity and expertise, like luxury goods.

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