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8th November 2019, Sheffield

AMRC and Kordsa partnership

AMRC’s Colin Sirett and Kordsa’s Ali Çalışkan signing the new agreement. ©Kordsa/AMRC

AMRC’s Colin Sirett and Kordsa’s Ali Çalışkan signing the new agreement. ©Kordsa/AMRC

The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) in the UK is teaming up with Kordsa and Sabancı University in Turkey for future research and development and educational projects.

As an established global player in the tyre and construction reinforcement markets, Kordsa has made significant investments in composite technologies in the past few years, beginning with the establishment of the $30 million Composite Technologies Center of Excellence with Sabancı University at Teknopark Istanbul in Turkey

In mid-2018, Kordsa then acquired FDI and TPI, both US technical fabrics manufacturers with close ties to the aerospace market and more recently, in early 2019, acquired Advanced Honeycomb Technologies followed by Axiom Materials – both also working within the US aerospace supply chain.

With the help of the AMRC, Kordsa now aims to become a major player in the UK aviation and automotive network by developing new advanced composite technologies.

 “As a company with an open innovation approach, Kordsa works with many different universities, companies and research organisations both in Turkey and abroad, engaging in joint projects,” says Kordsa CEO, Ali Çalışkan. “The AMRC is a good fit for us and the Centre of Excellence we have in Turkey.  Its business model – where partners and industrial players collaborate together – presents us with new ideas for growth and will provide opportunities for the future. This partnership with the AMRC will help us in putting a new ecosystem in place and we also expect some opportunities to invest in the UK.”

AMRC CEO Colin Sirett noted that with the continuing uncertainty around Brexit, establishing ties with organisations outside the EU is practical from the AMRC’s perspective.

“If you look at the positioning of the University of Sheffield for the future, with everything else that is going on – which is completely outside of our control – these are critical, strategic relationships,” he said. “There are all the elements in this – the technology, the potential for manufacture and the research links as well as the prospect of joint PhD delivery between Sabancı University and the University of Sheffield.”

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